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The Makings are a Bristol-based outfit, with overtones as diverse as jazz and blues, but rooted in rock, funk and soul. They offer big, brash sounds that bring something different to the Bristol music scene and beyond.

Radio play

"This is a rare occasion we play an artist’s very first upload to us. It doesn't happen very often."

–James Threlfall

Venues & festivals


Having cut their teeth at revered venues like The Old Duke, The Golden Lion, and Mr. Wolfs, The Makings ascended the local scene, culminating in memorable performances at The Canteen and a coveted opening slot for Paul Gilbert at The Fleece.

Subsequently, performing on the stages of some prominent festivals, including Boomtown, Harlequin Fayre, Ingle Fest, Farm Fest, Vann Fest, and Small World Festival, The Makings reformed in the latter half of 2023, fueled by renewed vigor. They've diligently refined their live prowess, meticulously revisiting some existing songs and introducing fresh singles, thereby setting the stage for an exhilarating journey for 2024 and beyond.




"We care about working hard and creating something unique. We’re not afraid to make mistakes and get things wrong – it’s part of the experimentation that leads to something different, something people aren't necessarily used to, but it intrigues them, it makes them notice."


– Conor McParland
Guitarist, Vocalist and Lead Songwriter

To find out more or to book The Makings, get in touch:
+44 7912 999991 (Vee)

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