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The Makings began in late 2018 when bandmates Conor McParland and Vanessa Humphreys decided to move away from their then-current function project, in pursuit of more creative outlets for their writing.  After reaching out to Jackson Jeff, the three met in early 2019 for an impromptu writing session, during which The Makings' debut track 'Just Fine' was written. It was this moment the early beginnings of The Makings was formed.


THE MAkings Story

With the pandemic bringing the live scene to a halt,  efforts were focused on evolving their sound. With new members Kiefer Wilton, Athenagoras Alexiou, Vincenzo Sandonato and Carys Groves bringing new writing approaches, The Makings took Covid19 as an opportunity to strive for musical maturity, pushing for material to bring out individual strengths in a way that resonates with the listener.


The Makings are quickly becoming a powerful, high-energy live unit. Ready to pick up where they left off, they're preparing their live show for the long-awaited festival season of 2023 as well as some more local gigs guaranteed to feed the soul. 


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